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Czechia: A Developed Country with a Way to Go

In our today’s article, we will make a short stop in the Czech Republic. How does it work there with language learning?

Czechia is not an English-speaking country. The country, a member of the European Union since 2004, is 31st in the World Economic Forum’s competitiveness ranking, a strong economy with a high human development index of 0.9 (2019). Therefore, for young Czechs, speaking English is an invitation to the modern world – to experience global culture and the infinite possibilities of work it represents.

Studying English should be mandatory for everyone who wants to grow professionally, take long flights, and live the experience of globalization. Czech culture has an advanced education system, with 99% of its population literate, and a system that places the human being at the centre of knowledge! We will be bold and say that, compared to other education systems, Czech education is one of the best and best structured in the world!

However, the Czech public school offers language teaching as a secondary school, not emphasizing immersion in global culture through teaching English, for example. Despite this, programs to train teachers in English fluency demonstrate the country’s concern with the education of children and young people through the teaching of the language.

We defend today that the teaching of English in Czechia should be encouraged, aware, of course, of the fact that, due to their different linguistic matrices, English is not an easy language to learn for Czechs, and many believe that they are proficient at the language when, in fact, they are a beginner or even an intermediate level.

If I were to receive a crown every time I hear from a candidate that he understands everything in English, but he can’t speak at all, I’m rich, said Eshopista Pavlína Zábojníková from Online People during her lecture at the Brno conference. The HR specialist, who hunts for her clients the best adepts in the field of e-commerce and online marketing, thus found that most candidates do not even reach the B2 knowledge level.


We found data from 2016 that brings a picture, which we believe to be similar to today, which depicts the relationship between the Czech population and the English language. Take a look:

Less than half (45%) of the population in the Czech Republic has knowledge of English, but 10% of Czechs know it only minimally and 14% at the basic level. Approximately 15% of the population can boast intermediate knowledge of English, which already requires knowledge of the language at a normal communication level and very advanced 7%. (…)
Half of those aged 30-50 do not speak English and the proportion of those with advanced knowledge is reduced to less than a quarter (23%). Only 18% of the over-50s are English, 7% with advanced language skills.


Therefore, even with work, family and leisure routines, finding ways to connect to the internet and, with the help of tutors and personalized classes, engage in the study of English, will provide the family and the work network with an opening of connections, information and unparalleled cultural perspectives.

“Ninety per cent of people who apply for positions where a language is needed have a huge problem with English. All generations, not only the middle and older, but also the younger, should work on it,” said Pavlína Zábojníková at the conference.
This is also evidenced by the experience of Czech language schools, which is attended by people whose language skills are a class, but rather two classes lower than employers usually require. “At the beginning of the course, we always test our students so that we can group them. We know from these entrance tests that the level of most students in-company courses is around A2, the second most common level is then B1, “says Marie Jelínek, chief methodologist of the Skřivánek language school.


We at learnwithscience, an international language education company based in Czechia, structure our teaching in a personalized way, aware of the different levels of English and the different personalities that our people have. For many considered shy or closed people, many are reserved and adapt to the online education system.

Let’s develop together a new culture, connected and fluent in the language and thought beyond our rich and esteemed country!