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World of Work: Are We Living a New Era?

Virtual reality might be the future of learning, as new technologies seem to come faster.

We see old professions slowly disappearing, the shoemaker, the taxi driver, the baker, and the librarian are all losing space in society every day. That all got exponential after COVID-19, so if you aren’t working in the digital age, that might be your concern, isn’t it?

So, our first step is the need to acquire tools so that we can continually innovate our skills. We need to know how to use the computer, understand that the globe is made up of many diverse points of view and worldviews, for instance, and get to know how to communicate with as many cultures as possible. It opens our minds! And it’s about an open-minded professional profile we’re talking about.

Language skills such as English or Spanish are also useful tools in a time of rapid and sometimes even unexpected change. That’s because, in the post-pandemic era, we had to globally adapt to the home office. We had to understand that having a fast internet connection, mastering virtual media, and knowing other languages ​​connects us overseas.

The World Economic Forum always brings up very interesting questions about the World of Work. In one of the published articles, Sophie Hardach presents data on the impact of learning new languages ​​on human capital and the recognition of this impact in different societies.

Switzerland, for example, attributes 10% of its GDP to its multilingual heritage. (…) Britain, on the other hand, is estimated to lose out on the equivalent of 3.5% of its GDP every year, because of its population’s relatively poor language skills.

Source: HARDACH, 2018.

In addition to brain development and the prevention of many diseases of the mind and emotions, the professional develops when improves language skills, learns new ones, and sets new personal and professional goals. The new work pattern is shortening borders and expanding immensely!

With each language, a new door of thousands of opportunities opens. To illustrate this, try configuring your LinkedIn search for fluent English and Spanish – or any other language you want – and see how many more job opportunities will appear.

Distance learning platforms have been improving rapidly after the pandemic, as the fast speed of industrial automation and the possibilities that 5g and Metaverse will bring to our industries and further jobs.

Working on demand, fewer hours per week – as the growth of the 4-days week movement, and remotely is already a reality, with the exponential development of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the expectation is that we will be virtual mediators between machines.

Buying a virtual land in Metaverse, believe it or not, is already a reality!

learnwithscience is updated to all these changes. We are online, 24/7, we are international, and we look into every need of our students. Whether preparing you for a trip to present a new project, for a virtual meeting, or to immerse yourself in the language of the big company that is buying your business, we are here for you!

The planet spins faster and faster in the eyes of those who think about the World of Work, and if you need to learn your language and whereabouts to connect to these changes, we invite you to study more and more! And get to know the place we all live in through as many prisms as you can, and, little by little, spin as fast as it goes!

Let’s do it together!