Success Interview: Getting a better job 

Success Interview: Increase your Chances of Getting a Better Job 

Increase your chances of getting a better job by having success in your interview

Imagination has power! Mental organization, a resume that reflects your knowledge and where you want to go, a set target to increase your chances of getting better jobs, and preparing for a successful interview is essential!

Think of this scenario: in the long-awaited interview, our advice is: stay calm, plan yourself, imagine yourself in the interview, then finally, create a script!

As we have talked about in recent articles, well-being and self-esteem are intrinsically related to the outside world. If supposedly, you are unmotivated, maybe your job is not ideal, or you are unemployed, this is the article to help you reflect. Are you ready?

Finding an ideal placement can feel like an endless quest!

If you are looking for work via job platforms, make sure it is likely that you already have an idea of ​​where you want to go, what your ideal job is.

And if by, any chance, your path is still unclear, it is time to back to the basics: take a notebook or a blank sheet of paper and write until you get to your ideal job in mind. 

We believe that many of you have already applied to several work opportunities. Applied, created expectations, dreamed of, received negative feedback – or not received feedback at all.

Our minds are brilliant, and we need to believe in that to reach our ideal. Let’s begin with that. For starters, working on our ideal and imagining ourselves working on it (and being happy) means taking a big step forward.

Often, job interviews are times for you to talk about your soft skills; to be able to achieve that, for instance, show how capable and confident you are: give examples and make connections between past situations and outcomes. Don’t be shy, let all your potential show and demonstrate what you want. 

Well, let’s get right to the point for a successful interview:

First: Stay calm and create a plan to get a better job

Remember our conversation about the To-do List? Make a list of everything you think you need to think or do before the interview. Then, practice what you want to say,  wear, or search. Lastly, write, organize, sort, and re-order as many times as necessary.

Take a deep breath and let’s go!

Second: Picture yourself having a successful interview

Close your eyes and try to create the interview scene in your mind. And, the more you do, the more relaxed you will be. In case of feeling nervous, close your eyes turbulent and fearful thoughts are guided by insecurity. Insist! Do the exercise as many times as necessary, your mind will slowly organize itself.  

Third: Write a script for the  job interview

There are some questions you can anticipate – imagine what the recruiter will ask you. Predict it and answer on a paper, practice the answers in the mirror and see how you feel.

Now write down some basic tips on how to be miraculously hired:

  • Know your strengths, your resume
  • Keep your feet on the ground and imagine where you want to go
  • Dream, apply, keep applying, and learn to wait

Briefly, did you get the interview? Calm down, plan step-by-step, imagine yourself in the interview, again and again.  

Don’t feel intimidated to be interviewed in another language! learnwithscience has a team ready to help you through this challenge. Together we design classes focussed on the demands you might have.

That’s all for today, see you soon!