Where in the world is Fayon Gonzales Maukonen?!

Where in the world is Fayon?!

After a very pleasant talk, I introduce you to the world of Fayon Gonzales Maukonen!

This article introduces you to Fayon Gonzales Maukonen! Jamaican, married to a Finn, lives in Finland, and works as a tutor at learnwithscience. At 28 years old, she brings in three cultures, language challenges, ​​and many stories!


Source: Fayon’s Album

Where in the world is Fayon Gonzales Maukonen?!

“I have a fascinating interest in the world!”

Fayon shines describing how fascinating it is for her to think that there are so many places in the world with other time zones, other cultures, people who don’t even know about her existence!

“With language, the closer we get to it, the more we find its ‘personality’!”

And it was with this thought in mind that Fayon took us on trips through her adventures with different languages!

Her biggest wish? Travel around the world! And while that doesn’t happen, Chinese and Korean drama films help her to live other linguistic experiences! Fayon shares that have fun memorizing unusual phrases and repeating them to her partner at home. We both laugh at her Asian adventure amidst a snow-white Finnish backdrop on a sunny day!

And it teaches: “try to see the world as it is, relaxes, take one step at a time. See? it’s full of opportunities.”

Language connects us!

Fayon says that once, going to her Finnish class, she met a blind person who needed help, spoke very little Finnish but managed to help her! “It made me feel good, I was able to help!” She says.

“Learning a language is an opportunity!”

Having been in Finland for three years and having already passed the challenge of communicating in Finnish, Fayon talks about her experience with the new language. She says that when she arrived in the country, she had to choose between the language she would dedicate her studies – to Finnish or Swedish.

After choosing the language, she tried to study on her own and soon realized that she was not managing to flow the learning process as expected. So, she entered a program in Finnish for foreigners where no other language was spoken! And after some time trying to translate what she was hearing through Google Translate, the shift happened!

And then, she began to understand what the teacher was talking about in class! She recalls the memory of the feeling of having been accepted and embraced by the world of Finnish and how it made her feel very good!

Source: Fayon’s Album

Come meet our tutor Fayon at learnwithscience!

It is with great excitement that she talks about her experience and the pleasure she takes in helping other people achieve their goals at learnwithscience.

She repeatedly describes her giant belief in the transforming power of learning a new language! “Learning a new language is a gateway to the world!” And about the challenges of life, reflecting on his journey, she advises, “simple choices can bring you an adventure and change your life forever!”

And as an academic, it is not just her infectious energy and belief in the language that brings her to learnwithscience, but the scientific character of the school. “There are theories behind the practices, research!”, “I like that!”

For Fayon, tutoring is not just a meeting, it is a relationship in which she can change the student’s life! Develop skills that can change his course in the future.

“I can help someone on the other side of the world!”, she says.

Fayon Gonzales Maukonen is a wonderful person with joy to share. And with great affection and pride, we present her worldwide!

This was the first in a series of interviews with our team of tutors. I hope you enjoyed it!

Hope you have a great week, and until next time!