Munashe Madzura, a cheerful and full-of-life doctor!

Munashe Madzura, a Cheerful and Full-of-life Doctor!

Munashe Madzura has an infectious joy and an amazing story! Our English tutor is a kind woman with seriousness and firmness in her eyes and a wide smile. And with joy, she tells us a little bit of her life.

Let’s get to know Munashe Madzura better!

Empathetic, friendly, and funny, Munashe Madzura is a pleasant person and we are delighted to have her on the learnwithscience team!

Very intelligent and studious from a young age, before arriving in Poland to study medicine, she worked as an English tutor – and other subjects as well – with children and adolescents aged 5 to 18 in her community. When you talk about the education of children her eyes sparkle, it’s beautiful to see it shine!

In an orphanage home, she volunteered to work every afternoon with the children’s education. For 6 months, Munashe Madzura followed the life trajectory of many children and helped them in their English studies.

Munashe proudly says that she crossed 11 subjects at the age of 16, and that, at that early age, she already knew she enjoyed learning and teaching.

Munashe Madzura, a cheerful and full-of-life doctor!

Between music and books!

Munashe says: “I love music, love to play music!” In addition to books, Munashe expresses herself through singing and playing a Zimbabwe traditional instrument called the Marimba! Practice that she left in her country of origin but that she talks about with nostalgia.

At the age of 18 Munashe Madzura first left Zimbabwe, a happy country and a traditional community and family, and went to Poland to seek growth.

Munashe tells us that this was the longest trip of her life! Now a fifth-year medical student in Poland, the studious girl from Zimbabwe flew away knowing no one in the new country.

And today, at the age of 23, in the last year of medicine, she already knows the direction she wants to take. Next step: an internship in United Kindom! And it was talking about her courage to migrate to a new country and a new culture, and her taste for adapting to the new, that she told a little more about herself.

The Power of Cultural Experiences

What attracts Munashe Madzura the most in her work with teaching English at learnwithscience is the opportunity to get to know different people, their cultures, and accompany them in their learning process! From Shona and English to Polish, young Munashe exudes knowledge and humility.

Challenges for Munashe are described as opportunities to make her stronger! Opportunities to know how to adapt to new environments, alone or with someone else. She believes that cultural changes and adaptation processes always make us stronger!

Father’s Legacy

“I always see him giving free lessons to anyone”

From her biography, her father is her great tutor model! He taught her how to teach at a young age, being a model when he helped her with homework. From his recollections, she reports: “I always see him giving free lessons to anyone”. “He is very strong in account and computer, I see him helping,” she says.

“I always see him giving free lessons to anyone”

With gratitude in her eyes, she highlights: “He just wants to share his knowledge and see people grow and become better. And that surely inspires me and that’s where I get my characteristic trait from!”

munashe madzura doctor


And we finish the interview article with her saying:

“I hope that one day I get to come back home and make a change to the community!”

Wow! What a great story to share! I hope you enjoyed it, until next time and learnwithscience with us!