Fernanda Maffei Moreira’s bookshelf!

Fernanda’s Bookshelf: Meet Our Brazilian Colleague!

Publisher, storyteller, and fascinated by books. I present to you, with great pleasure, Fernanda Maffei Moreira. Our Portuguese and Spanish tutor is a doctor in literature who enjoys traveling between books and places.  Welcome to Fernanda Maffei Moreira’s bookshelf!

The bookstand of Fernanda

Passionate about Portuguese and Spanish, Fernanda at the age of 12 already knew that books would be part of her life. With a Bachelor’s, Master’s, and Doctoral degree in Language and Literature, Fernanda has traced a solid path of knowledge to share!

For almost two decades in the classroom and academic field, Fernanda teaches with humility when talks about herself. Her life experiences portray a strong and independent woman, traveling through many stories.

Fernanda is specialized in two important authors of Arts, the Brazilian Nelson Rodrigues and the Spanish Pedro Almodóvar. And for these characters, Fernanda dialogues with femininity in the story of the authors with mastery.

“En todas mis películas hay cosas autobiográficas,
En todas están las cosas que amo,
                  las que odio, las que deseo, las que me dan miedo”
Pedro Almodóvar

Bookshelf full of amazing journeys

More than a hobby, Fernanda intertwines the profession of tutor and text editor, between reading. Narratives that are sometimes dense and sometimes soft, come between her travels between the lines of the books she reads.

At her bedside table, she returns to a trip in which she had the privilege of meeting the author, Pedro Juan Gutiérrez! And revisits the work she recommends reading: Dirty Havana Trilogy, from 1998.

On the weekends Fernanda likes to go to the countryside of Portugal. The young woman with dual Brazilian-Portuguese citizenship has family and friends in Portugal and tells the country’s curiosities through her memory trips.

Fernanda Maffei Moreira’s bookshelf!

Tutor of many stories

Aside from being a reader, Fernanda has an incredible background in the classroom. Since 2003, there have been many periods and countless students who have had the privilege of learning from her. The numbers are reflected in the confidence with which she talks about her didactics and the experiences among children, young people, and adults from different levels and places.

Language schools, public universities, public schools in the interior of São Paulo, and today at learnwithscience, Fernanda carries the world of possibilities through our platform.

Following stories and weaving the development of students around the world make her eyes smile.

A life of many places

Born in the capital of the state of São Paulo (Brazil), she soon moved to Descalvado, in the interior of the state. And from the small town of 30,000 people, she went to another small town, a little bigger, but still small, Assis. More than 6 hours from home, there, Fernanda began her academic career.

From undergraduate to master’s, and from master’s to doctorate with a stop in Madrid (Spain) Fernanda flew to the world. During college, she created a Spanish course with a friend at the renowned UNESP (State University of Sao Paulo). And, enthusiastically narrates the success of the project that introduced Spanish to a large number of students.

Returning to places, Fernanda lived in Portugal, Spain, and England. A traveller who loves stories to tell!

Fernanda Maffei Moreira’s bookshelf!

It was a great pleasure to meet Fernanda at learnwithscience!

Hope you enjoyed Fernanda’s bookshelf, and until next time!