Listening to Music Increases Performance!

Music Increases Learning Performance!

Listening to music undoubtedly increases learning performance! Listen to your favourite playlist, make you smile? Yes! Music makes us feels good!

We have found that listening to music increases productivity. Music improves creativity and we believe in the power of creative education!

That’s because it’s there, on the right side of the brain, where creativity happens! So, if you had doubts about using headphones during your activities, relax! Listening to music is good for you.

Besides, we release hormones when we feel happy, increase the connecting power of our thoughts, and learn better.

Music & Brain Development

Our brain has two sides, the left, and right hemispheres. The left hemisphere controls activities such as language and reasoning. While the right hemisphere, imagination, and creativity. And music stimulates both sides of the brain!

First-time parents may have heard about the power of music. Documentaries show the brains of babies developing to the sound of classical music.

But that’s one side of the story. If you think like me, studying or working with music is more enjoyable than in silence. Not always, but often.

So, are we talking about pleasure? Yes, but not only. Researchers around the world study human ways of learning.

Not just to answer complex questions like why do some people develop their skills more than others? Let’s keep the order from simple to complex.

In addition to environmental and genetic issues, it is argued that music contributes to brain development. What else?

Music helps us to heal stressed states of mind. Also, music can make us dance and make us socialize because it can be done in pairs and groups, which is even better.

Shaking hips and legs are good, and if you’ve never done it, take it as a new task!

When your brain feels pleasure listening to music, it releases hormones that improve your learning.

Furthermore, they do this by increasing concentration, for example. And you must be asking if it’s all the songs. And then I answer: it depends on who is listening!

Listening to Music Increases Performance!

Music is What Makes Us Happy

Believe it or not, some of my friends love studying to the sound of Heavy Metal music! Their brains fill with happiness chemicals and their day with headphones is visibly productive and seems pleasurable.

Yes, we react differently to music and it’s not just classical music that makes your brain smile. Yet, I am not the type who can concentrate on my tasks with heavy metal, so I won’t put this radio to work. I go for the classic pie recipe and listen to Bach.

For sure, in addition to the metrics that increase the frequencies of learning in my brain, there is a taste and a strong scientific belief that empowers me when listening to the classic.

Try putting Bach for someone who gets irritated and impatient with classical music, it will be a disaster!

And here’s our today’s tip: find a song that releases hormones in your brain, this will boost your learning and you will feel good!

Until next time, learnwithscience and come with us!


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