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5 Great Smartphone Learning Tips

Check out our smartphone learning tips! With a smartphone you have a dictionary, a folder of games to pass the time, and podcasts to improve your learning skills. 

In this article, you will find tips for using your smartphone with creativity and turning it into a learning a second language tool!

While you can find reasons for not constantly using your cell phone online, here we discuss using it as a useful studying tool.

And why not, understanding that studying another language is fun, is good, and opens doors for everyone. Remember, smartphone usage tips assume that you are already a conscious user!

Learning a language just using apps is not the focus of our conversation. I recently had the pleasure of learning Italian for a month in a wonderful and famous app, but the routine swallowed me up.

So, I believe in learnwithscience and our methodology. That a tutor, and a study schedule, are essential to effectively learning a second language.

Learning Tips

In addition to social media, many of us have smartphones as dear friends. And if you are online for many hours every day, why not try something new?

Education calls for creativity and we are aware that technology prints language challenges for all of us!

If you are curious to know more about using your smartphone, our student or not, come, let’s talk about great tips for using your smartphone.

We have already recommended in other articles on the blog, that you change the language on your phone, it helps to exercise your brain. 

So, before going to the App Store, change your phone’s language to the one you want to learn. Gradually it will get easier (1 or 2 days) and in less than a week you should not even remember that you changed the language on your phone!

Your brain will intuitively seek similarity with what you have already learned and you will put your brain to work!

Even if you have a computer or tablet to study another language, let’s use the mobile to train your skills.

Use Smartphone to Learn

Parents should encourage their children to make use of their phones to access, download, and use learning materials available online in their area of study. (BULUS)

For children who already use the cell phone as a source of fun, why not use it as a learning tool?  

Educating our kids with creativity is something that we have to face. Most of them enjoy playing games and reading online, we need to be updated!

Smartphone tips

The use of cell phones by young people inserts them into a digital society and teaching them about what is good and productive on the Web is our role!

5 Smartphone Learning Tips 

  1. Change the Smartphone Language
  2. Install a Dictionary App 
  3. Use Flashcards and SRS  
  4. Listen to New Podcasts
  5. Try Learning Games

First tip: We’ve already talked about changing the language on your cell phone above, getting out of your comfort zone is an important step to learning!

Second tip: Install a dictionary app on your cell phone. That’s right, get into the habit of consulting words, sharpen your curiosity to learn correctly.

Third tip: Use Flashcards and SRS (Spaced Repetition Software)! Memrise and AnkiApp are top Apps and will boost your learning.

Fourth tip: Choose a Podcast on your favourite Music App. That’s right, in addition to series and movies, why not follow a podcast in another language? And if it gets difficult, insist on it!

Fifth tip: Have fun! If you like mobile games, try Mindsnacks. This App will challenge your new language skills. 


These are tips to complement your learning. In addition to having an MBTI matching tutor,  make learning an enjoyable habit by using your cell phone as an ally.

Hope you enjoyed our talk, learnwithscience and see you soon!


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