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The Future Company

Future Company’s Employee

The future company is made up of great people. That is because investing in human skills is a sure return.  And, when it comes to a company, we talk about its main asset: its employees.

To succeed in the job market today, you must internationalize. Start by translating your business website into English. Communicate in English, from the website to the quarterly Bludgers, and teach English to all employees.

Remote work, due to the Covid-19 pandemic, has set new paradigms in the World of Work. Therefore, if you are in an English-speaking country, consider offering Portuguese, German, or Spanish, for example.

Ready for Mergers and Acquisitions

To grow, you can train your company to be culturally inclusive. And one way can be by learning a new language. Culture begins with language, so learning a foreign language can help you get ahead.

Again, speaking English is a requirement of internationalization.  But if your neighbour country is China, go for Mandarin and create a business culture initiated by the spread of the new language.

Additionally, language creates cultural paths. And these trade routes will take your business, literally, overseas.

I’m sure many of you already know the importance of language skills. Now, what is the point of getting into a platform like learnwithscience?

One of our key points is that in the company you have many different job positions. An operator, an online salesperson, and a commercial manager, for example. All with the same level of English. Now, how about boosting the classes by transforming them into moments of practical tutoring focused on their daily activities?

Effective Communication

Here we have an example of how science underpins our work. People with different levels of English and different linguistic backgrounds pronounce words differently. Not to mention the differences between native languages ​​that interact differently with English.

And here we are going to use English just as an example.

Further, to teach a language for a company, we make sure that the programs are focused on interpersonal communication. And all this because it is important to teach employees that communicating in another language requires improvement as a whole.

Practical classes for the Future Company

Practical classes are essential for large companies. Their employees need tutors who can help them apply the language in their daily work. This is our in-company methodology. In addition to communication and specific terms, we are aware that different people learn in different ways.

For example, a young manager who is a gamer will have a different approach than a 50-year-old operator who loves to read romance novels. Also, the learnwithscience platform is 24/7. We have tutors from multiple cultures and time zones, useful for companies that aim to learn how to communicate in a second language.

Come meet us, learnwithscience, and until next time!


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