Let’s Step Into Ana’s Life

Educator, Researcher, and Writer are a few of the job titles Ana Paula Giostri de Andrade has held during her lifetime. By being a part of the learnwithscience team, Ana has added a new title to her experience which is that of a Copywriter. Here, she constantly produces creative and interesting articles for our blog section.

Her life experiences

Ana was born in Brazil and is a native Portuguese language speaker. Apart from the Portuguese language, Ana also knows English. While growing up in Brazil, she recalls that both of her parents spoke English at home. One could say this was the start of her bilingual capabilities.

Now, at the age of 40 years old, she is still proud of her English language skills. For her, it was the constant usage of English during her childhood, and the experience of a cultural exchange program in the United States, that kept her proficiency in English.

Being bilingual in these two languages has been the cornerstone of her life and working abilities. 

Working under the stars

Who would have thought that working under the stars could lead to free-flowing thoughts? Well, this is the case for Ana. As a person who works from home, most of her work is project-based, meaning she does not have a fixed office hour schedule. This allows her the freedom to choose her working time which often falls during the night time.

 “I love to work at midnight because it’s really quiet.”

Ana is not the only one who has a love for the night’s sky. In fact, she often stares at the night sky with her family to admire the constellation above. Still, she admits that it’s the peacefulness of the nights that has grabbed her attention.

For Ana, working at night brings out the best in her. And by best, she further explains how her creativeness is always flowing around that time. When we spoke about a specific time, she laughed and stated that it’s normally around three-thirty in the morning.

As a person who loves the night, the ambience it radiates is that of relaxation, comfort, and tranquillity.

The power of nature

One of the biggest challenges for Ana was the recent pandemic. As a means to control the spread of the coronavirus, Brazil went into lockdown for six months. She shares how her family and herself had to move from the apartment to a house as a means to keep their mind and thoughts safe emotionally.

The house that they moved to was surrounded by many trees. So much so that it could be referred to as a small forest. 

But that’s exactly what they were hoping for. The lockdown in Brazil limited their movements outside of the home and so being able to have a backyard was satisfaction. This led to new hobbies such as gardening and tending to the beautiful trees that filled their home.

Also moving into a new house brought along new adventures. During the pandemic, Ana collaborated with a Government Foster Care program in Brazil. With Ana being a person of love, courage and understanding, it’s no surprise that she volunteered to foster a newborn. Even though she fostered the little one for a short while, I could feel the joy and excitement such an experience brought to her life. 

Ana as a professional

Ana is a person who is very friendly, outspoken and hardworking with a beautiful personality. Even though she lives in Brazil, she works in our international company by sharing her awesome skills and talents with us.

I hope you enjoyed learning about Ana through her life experiences and adventure. To know more about her creative writing capabilities, check out our blog section to view her blog post.

Thanks for reading. Until next time, learnwithscience!