Easy English to Travel Safe

Easy English to Travel Safe

We start by saying that even if your phone has a super-efficient simultaneous translator, you need to learn some words and expressions before you travel around the world. Easy English to Travel Safe is here to help you out!

Travelling Safe with Easy English Tips

Unfortunately, some places still have internet problems and if you’re in trouble, having English notes written on paper or memorized is a security issue!

So, we bring in this article some phrases and words that you should memorize if you are going to travel the world and don’t know how to speak English!

And, before we start the conversation, the most precious tip: 

  • notebook and pen in hand, write on paper in to-do list sentences, all the phrases you imagine yourself using
  • then, under each of the sentences, write the English translation

This notebook can be useful and, when you prepare it, you will already be studying English as well!

Easy English to Travel Safe

I do not speak English

As soon as you are approached by a foreigner, say that you do not speak English. This is critical because if the message is urgent, he/she needs to find another way to communicate!

However, if you feel safe understanding what is being said, you can just ask to speak slowly.

Speak slowly, please.

On the opposite side, if you arrive at a store at the airport, for example, and say that you don’t speak English, it is possible that they have alternatives on how to talk to you.

My name is Neymar

Your name is probably not Neymar! And that was just an example to get your attention. Whether you are a football player or not, think that an important phrase is the one that identifies you.

Anyone you approach in a foreign land should ask your name. And, unless they already know you, it is worth having the document in hand and presenting it with the identification.

But, calm down there! Only give your document to the transport company, if required by the police, or at hotel check-in. Safety tips never hurt.

Easy English to Travel Safe

I have an emergency

This one, I hope it never gets used! And even confident that nothing bad will happen, memorize.

If someone next to you gets an emergency issue, or even you, say:

It is an emergency!

This word will let people know that you need help urgently. After taking the tips above, you will already be able to say your name and that you don’t speak English.

I need to use the restroom/toilet/bathroom

However, if your emergency is just physiological, there is another, less alarming word that will help you! Many places have women’s and men’s restrooms, let’s see:

And, besides Men/Women, there are other names you need to memorize!

  • Men = Gents (Gentleman), MR
  • Women = Ladies, MRS, MS

Safe Trip Starts with Privacy

Do not give your Passport or ID to anyone other than the airline or the local Police. Keep these documents under lock and key, along with your cards and electronic devices.

Robberies on tourists happen all over the world, from rich and developed countries to the poorest. Get rid of prejudice and pay attention to your personal belongings.

Easy English to Travel Safe

Have it written down on a sheet and take it with you:

  • Name
  • Country of origin
  • Identification number
  • Emergency contact (Name and phone number)

And finally, follow the advice of older people: avoid talking to strangers. And if you do, talk about trivia and don’t talk about your personal life.

We are learnwithscience and we offer our services to walk with you on this adventure. Meet our tutors and schedule a free class to try it out!


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