From Countryside to City: Meet Maria!

From Countryside to City: Meet Maria!

Maria’s Story

Maria combines the simplicity and sweet look of the countryside and the objectivity and rhythm of the big city. At the age of 28, Maria exudes knowledge and humility. 

Spanish, born and raised in the interior of the country, and it is with intellectual maturity and poetry that she talks about her journey to Madrid.

With experience in the executive branch in London and a few years of experience with business English, at the beginning of her adult life, she lavishes an admirable resumé with humility.

From the street of life, she takes simplicity and awareness that the world is bigger than the biggest cities in the world.

From Countryside to City: Meet Maria!

Maria intertwines her story with life in the countryside, the small town, her affection for family and friends, and her appreciation for the human being.

With nature, not just the relationship of admiration but the learning that we are more than we think we are, that we are part of something bigger.

During the interview, she often highlights her rural origins and the pride he feels in the mentoring she got from her father.

Paternal inheritance

When asked if there was anyone in her journey that helped shape who she is. Or if someone had inspired her on her walk, Maria smiled.

From her father’s lessons, she proudly recalls one in particular:

“Always do my best, come rain or shine, you cannot say that you are leaving this train (…) whatever the conditions allow you to do, so you can be proud of your hard work, always, and always think of the others. Have an eye on the others!” 

English Language

At the age of two, her father already taught her that learning a foreign language would open doors for her. And even at such a young age, she was enrolled in a British English school in her small town.

Maria reports that, from an early age, she lived the culture of the English language intensely. But although she would carry a conversation with anyone confidently when she was only 10 years of age, she states that she found it really hard to not make any spelling mistakes when writing. That’s something she knew had to work on, both reading and exposing herself to the language as much as she could. 

From Countryside to City: Meet Maria!

Immersed in the globalized world by language and culture, she cites literature as an example of immersion through reading English-speaking authors in the original language.

“I was immersed in the English world in my own house, I had friends from all over the world.”

Maria went to the University of Business Administration and Marketing in Madrid and deepened her studies in Business. And soon established herself as a woman in the business world with a passion for the English language.

Maria’s Carrer

After college, she went to work with Human Resources in London, hiring IT engineers to work in investment banks.

From Countryside to City: Meet Maria!

“It was an office job, and I am a person who needs face-to-face contact with real people”

And after a year of administrative routine, she decided to change careers… she invest in being a certified Cambridge teacher back in Madrid!

Maria lived on the edge of the business world and, for four years now, she has chosen a path that brings her joy. Working with people and helping them to open new doors. 

Translator, a specialist in document translation and English teacher, Maria is a woman with experience and practice in both fields of knowledge: languages ​​and business.

About her life as a teacher in Madrid she happily reports:

“I am quite happy, because, I can speak English, which I love (…) Help people, which I absolutely adore, it’s so fulfilling! And I know the job I do is useful since I provide my students with a powerful tool, knowledge about the English language…”

English opens Doors

Guided by the desire to help others, Maria sees teaching English as a tool capable of changing people’s lives. And she lists the benefits: 

  • English is able to advance careers
  • it makes it possible to make new friends and meet other people
  • it helps enjoy the challenge of learning and gaining self-awareness
  • allows reading original texts and understanding audiovisual original versions

Our Spanish tutor is a caring person totally engaged in making the world a better place. From business clients to teenagers, Maria is a great mentor to the learnwithscience team. And we are very proud to have her with us.

Hope you enjoy it, learnwithscience and come with us!