Sagar: Turning Visions Into Reality

Sagar Giri is a 25-year-old Nepali national who works as a Full stack Developer for our company learnwithscience. One could say he is the person behind-the-scenes working his magic to turn visions into reality. 

Without Sagar, this webpage would not be present today in this form. Not only is he our website creator but he is a lover of adventure and challenges. Please let me introduce you to Sagar through our article.

The beginning 

According to Sagar, while growing up he didn’t really know which career field he would end up in. As a matter of fact, the options given to him were prepared by the system in Nepal. These two options were either medical or computer science. 

With sureness that he had no interest in the medical field, he leaned towards the information technology industry. Here, you could say his natural talents began to develop and his interest in the field grew.

He was able to complete his bachelor’s degree in the field of computer science and after graduating, he went on to look for work. 

The first couple of years after graduating were focused on gaining work experience and understanding his desires. During this time, Sagar was working as support staff at a WordPress company in Nepal.

While working there, he was able to develop an interest in coding. This interest fuelled his motivation to learn coding, which brought him to where he is today.  This newfound interest at the time was the birth of him narrowing his career path.

After devoting himself to gaining experience and learning to code, he was able to become a Fullstack Developer.

The world is full of opportunities

With the recent devastation from the pandemic, it is normal to state that the whole world was thrown into disarray.  For the country of Nepal, there was no exemption.

Of course, like many others, Sagar’s life was affected by the pandemic. He said that the company he was working for ended up completely shutting down because of the pandemic. Furthermore, work was shifted to a remote setting since the country also exercised lockdowns.

Not succumbing to the pressure of the pandemic, Sagar accepted the challenge. After acknowledging his experience gained through previous work, Sagar began to look for work opportunities online as a freelancer.

The restriction of the pandemic opened his eyes to look beyond work in the office, to remote work with freedom beyond borders. His choice to become a freelancer granted him opportunities to work with several international companies located in countries such as Australia, Czech etc.

The development of learning with a science platform

After being on the freelance platform for some time, Sagar was able to meet the founder of learnwithscience. This union was the birth of the platform and webpage we have before you today.

It all started with just a conversation about the vision of the company and how to turn this vision into a reality. These details include features such as the home page, tutor’s dashboard, student dashboards, our personality test checker and later our blog section. 

Today Sagar focuses on developing the website and making improvements in areas that may need a touch up as time goes by. One of his joys about working with our company is that he can share his perspective about the direction of the development.


After listening to Sagar share his story about his life and his role in the development of the learnwithscience platform, I was able to see the beauty of the process. He indeed helped to turn a vision into reality. 

I encourage you to take a tour of our webpage, learn more about us and see the work Sagar has done for our webpage.

Thanks for reading and meeting Sagar, until next time, learnwithscience!