How it works

If you are interested in our services, we will need to know your personality type. There are 16 personalities recognized by the Myers-Briggs personality test, and each of them is described by four letters.





What Do the Letters Represent?

The first letter represents where your energy comes from – either from outside (Extraverts) or from inside (Introverts). The second letter stands for your way of receiving information – either by your intuition or with your five senses. The third letter is about your decision-making and in here as well there are two groups – Judgers and Feelers. And the last, fourth letter, represents your preferred lifestyle – whether you want to have things under control or rather let things play out by themselves.

Of course, in reality, most of us will fall in between the two categories, but even then, one of them will almost always prevail.

Our Program

Based on your personality and once you subscribe to our program, you will be matched to your tutor, the one which best fits your own personality. Our tutors as well have taken the psychological test.

Your personality type reveals a lot about yourself – including your preferred and most suitable learning style. And that is the part which interests us the most since we shall prepare a tailor-made course plan just for you then.


Our tutors are well-trained to respect your personality and adapt themselves to your needs in order to maximize the efficiency of the lesson and the whole course as well. We invest money in our tutors and the software they use – that is the only way how to grow and how to provide you with excellent services.


We value your time and for that reason, our lessons are 60-minute long. The studies also confirm that this length of the lesson seems to be optimal for acquiring new knowledge while being able to perceive the information – and eventually pay attention to what the tutor says.


Our course is billed on monthly basis and contains 10 lessons (renewed each month) that you may plan flexibly according to your tutor’s availability, all the materials, professional advice from your tutor, access to our exclusive facebooklearnwithscience Community group, and, last but not least, valuable support and motivation from all of us. You are not alone in your learning effort.

Can I Believe This?

We are a limited liability company registered in the Czech Republic and our methodology is supported by many scientific studies performed by acknowledged authors and scientists. We believe that everyone should be given the chance to learn a language.

It Is Too Expensive for Me

Quality does cost money, and we stand for quality. Our tutors are professionals and are paid adequately. In traditional language schools, the tutors get about 15-20% of the price of the lesson and the rest goes to the company, which we think is very unfair to them. For that reason and based on our own experience, we decided to flip this system and stop exploiting the tutors – we realize that they are the reason clients like us and stay with us.

I Still Have Some Questions

In that case please do not hesitate to get in touch with us. Besides the contact form below you can also find us on social media, see footer of this website.

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