Referral Program

We appreciate our clients. Join our referral program and earn a discount or a whole course for free.

How Can I Join?

Referral Program


You can choose from two types of rewards. You are eligible to receive a reward once the referred person purchases and pays for the course. You may recommend up to 5 clients.

Five free lessons

Receive 5 lessons for free in addition to your current course. The referred person will receive 2 more lessons for free.

Discount for your next course

Receive a 50% discount for your next course. The referred person will receive a 15% discount for their next course.

I Want to Join!

Great! All you or the referred person need to do is to complete the contact form below. We will contact the referred person within 24 hours. Once the conditions stated above are fulfilled, you are eligible for the reward within your next invoicing cycle.