Meet Our Tutors

Our tutors are experienced, reliable, empathetic, passionate about languages, and motivated.

Ashiq (ENTP)

Skilled and creative language teaching tutor. High skill developer in the most student-centered teaching process.

Maria (ENFJ)

Organized tutor with solid experience
in language teaching in the business

Sara (ENFJ)

Tutor with over 10 year of proven experience, interested in Psychology and learning new languages.

Jakub (ENTJ)

Experienced tutor, specialized in personality analysis, intercultural interaction, and innovative learning methods.

Kateřina (ENFJ)

Experienced tutor with passion for languages and personality analysis.

Munashe (INFJ)

Experienced language tutor for children and teenagers. Believes in the transforming power of cultural exchanges.

Fernanda (ISTP)

Solid training in Letters, Teaching Management and Translation. 20 years of experience in teaching and learning practices.

Fayon (ENFJ)

English tutor, passionate about the transformative power of language teaching. Interested in research and teaching practices.

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