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Webinar: Let Us Be Your Guiding Light

14/07/2022, 1:30 PM GMT (Lisbon, London time)

30-40 minutes

3 lecturers


Topics covered during the webinar

What is the MBTI

What is MBTI

Your personality matters more than you might think since each of us has a different learning style, closely related to our personality type. Finding out yours is crucial to make you shine brighter - as soon as possible!

The importance of course planning

The importance of course planning

Having a well-thought-out course plan is key to a successful language learning experience. Let us enlighten you on how we do it.

The role of tutors in language learning

The role of tutors in language learning

Tutors are personal guides who understand your language journey and help you deal with temporary obstacles. When you get lost in the dark, you can count on them to point the way so you can reach your goals.


María Serrano Lancha

Organized tutor with solid experience in language teaching in the business field.

Sara Silva

Tutor with over 10 year of proven experience, interested in Psychology and learning new languages.

Jakub Krejčí

Experienced tutor, specialized in personality analysis, intercultural interaction, and innovative learning methods.

Fayon Gonzales Maukonnen

English tutor, passionate about the transformative power of language teaching. Interested in research and teaching practices.

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